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About the Service

"What if there was a guaranteed way to boost and maintain your site's standing on the search engines, with no work on your part and very little cost?"

Welcome to the GreatLynx Link Management Network. Our proprietary system can send your site to the top of the search engines . . . and keep it there!  It's effective, affordable, and guaranteed!


What makes GreatLynx so special? It's all in the links. The fact of the matter is that inclusion within the GreatLynx system assures that your site will have a steady flow of up to fifty incoming links to your site. This translates into higher ranking levels with most of the major search engines, which in turn moves your site "up the ladder" within the search results of qualified searches. More on this can be found here.

At GreatLynx, we will negotiate up to fifty links to your site. We will then constantly monitor your links, removing "dead links" as they occur and inserting new links as needed. We do all of the work and you get to sit back and enjoy the benefits. And, again, the main benefit is that your site will begin to see a higher and higher degree of "popularity", a measure that the search engines then use (in combination with other factors) for determining your ranking in a relevant search.


A good, monitored link management service -- as a branch of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- can be quite expensive. The balancing factor here is that a good SEO company can deliver some pretty remarkable results with a solid, stable system of link marketing. On the other hand, not all SEO services are reputable or effective. In which case, you're throwing your money down the drain. Reputable companies can charge as much as $500/month or more for their link management services. Understand that this is not nearly as outrageous as it may seem. The positive results will outweigh the cost for those who have the budget to accommodate it and the product or service line to justify it.

It just so happens that we've found a way to do it for far less, without losing any of the positive effects of a solid link management system. By developing a way to make the "heavy work" lighter, we can offer ongoing negotiation and maintenance of links for far less than was previously thought possible. In fact, we charge essentially the same per year ($495) as some other services charge per month!

We do charge a one-time setup fee ($995) to create the links page on your site (matching your site design), establish the link to that page from your home page, and install all of the necessary technical elements that ensure the system will work with your web server. We also have to do a bit of work on our end to integrate your site into our system. So, the cost is negligible for the work involved. Furthermore, you (or your webmaster) can manipulate the links page on your site for your own purposes as well (more on this can be found here). Finally, the payment of this fee includes the first year in the network. The end result then is that your first year with Greatlynx will cost about the same as the first two months with many other services. And from there on out, the savings -- and the effect -- will be phenomenal!


All of this sounds great as long as it works, right? Well, you don't have to take our word for it. We stand behind our system 100%. We guarantee both the functionality and the integrity of our system on your site and, for most sites, we even guarantee the promotional effect it will deliver. To learn more about our guarantee, click here. Or, if you're ready to see if your site qualifies, click here.

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