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The Guarantee

To say that we have a guarantee would not be completely honest. The truth is, we offer three guarantees!


The GreatLynx system is compatible with over 95% of the websites on the Internet. If we accept your site during the qualifying process, it means, among other things, that we're confident it will work with your site. So, as long as we can have access to make any necessary adjustments, we can guarantee that the system will function with your site. If we cannot get it to work with your site within seven business days of signup (a remote possibility), we will refund 100% of your money. If it ever fails to work for network/technical reasons, we will extend your service at no charge until such time is made up. ( disclaimer * )


The GreatLynx system has a built-in accountability mechanism -- the qualifying process -- that can assure you of never having to worry about what sites your site is linking to. More on this can be found here. In addition, the very nature of the system means that we can migrate your site to a different network of sites should you ever have concern over the content of any site within your current network. Finally, we're accessible. We are striving to build the world's most effective link management system and we understand that that is going to depend on our commitment to excellent customer service. If you ever have a question, concern or suggestion, just drop us a line and we'll get right on it.

Promotional Effect

For most sites, we also have a guarantee with regard to the promotional effect that our service will provide. This varies from site to site, but essentially during the qualifying process, we try to determine what we can do for your site and back that up with a guarantee that it will indeed happen. If it doesn't, we extend your service at no charge until it does! A handful of sites will be accepted that do not qualify for this guarantee, but we have other treats in store for them. In any event, the only way to find out what we can offer you is to submit your site for consideration. Click here now to see if your site qualifies and we'll get back to you with all the information you need, including information on the kind of promotional guarantee that we can offer you.

* Functionality Disclaimer

The guarantee of functionality is based on the compatibility of your system at the time that GreatLynx is set up with your site. If you decide to move your site later to a system that it not compatible, we cannot continue to guarantee it's functionality.

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