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The Price

"It's the new and improved version of why we're already doing so well"

Blair at Conroe Golf Cars, explaining to his boss why he needed to sign the check.

Some things are such a bargain that they become no-brainers for those who know what's going on. Such is the case with GreatLynx. Once you understand what we're doing here, you will be amazed that we can do it for so little. In truth, we set out on a mission to come up with a way to offer something for a very small amount per year that would clearly be worth a great deal more. We've outdone ourselves.

As you can see, there are two fees involved, a one-time setup fee and then a negligible annual renewal fee to stay in the loop.

Launch Fee - $995
This one-time payment covers all of the technical setup that is required (both on your site and on the GreatLynx site), the negotiation and establishing of up to fifty incoming links to your site, PLUS the first year's Network/Maintenance Fee. We will create the links page on your site (matching your current site design), create a link from your home page to the links page, insert our proprietary code and install any other necessary scripts (depends on platform). We will test the system before activating it, and notify you when it's "live". Again, this fee also covers the first year's network fee.

Network/Maintenance Fee (annual renewal fee) - $495/year
This annual renewal fee covers the continual maintenance of the system, including system modifications and adjustments, removal of all dead links and the negotiation and addition of new links to maintain a continual, stable structure of up to fifty incoming links to your site.

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